An Open Letter to 2020...

December 29, 2020

Well here we are, we’re finally getting near to closing a very hard and trying chapter of humanity’s book of life...2020. For very obvious reasons to all listening right now, 2020 has been one of the hardest years across the globe. There’s a staggering list of reasons why 2020 was rough year:

  • Devastating wildfires in Australia and the West Coast
  • A stock market crash
  • A pandemic that affected millions across the globe
  • Never-ending extreme weather events
  • Record unemployment numbers
  • Civil unrest, endless protests, and even rioting
  • And a particularly heated election cycle 

Wherever you were in the world this year, you felt the wrath of 2020. And as hard as it was, and it’s been harder on some than others, there are some who not only survived 2020 but thrived! I want to note that whether you were on the thriving, surviving, or even suffering end of the 2020 spectrum, we want to highlight some key takeaways from 2020 as we launch into the new year.

This Week’s PRO TIP is: For this week’s pro tip, I want you to get out a paper and pen, notes app on your phone, or whatever form of note taking you prefer, and WRITE OUT THE LESSONS YOU LEARNED FROM 2020. Then I want you to go to and comment your favorite lesson learned from 2020 on this episode of the podcast! We want to hear your lessons learned and how you have grown in 2020.

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2 comments on “An Open Letter to 2020...”

  1. I loved your thoughts on 2020! You have an amazing perspective on life. Great job putting it into words and sharing your ideas in such an uplifting way. A 2020 take away for me was learning a new sport- Pickle ball.
    Also I’ve been able to spend more time with my immediate family than I would have in a regular year.

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