Be Where Your Feet Are With Jason Mraz

January 20, 2022

Happy Thursday Team happiness! With so much turbulence, uncertainty, and distraction grounding in the moment seems harder than ever. Today we are going to revisit some tactical aspects of be present and how we can be where our feet are! Let’s do this.



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📍 Happiness. On today's show. I want to talk about how we can navigate. The uncertainty, the turbulence, the distraction in ground in the moment, which seems more important than ever. Today, we're going to revisit some tactical aspects of be present and make sure that we understand exactly how we can do that. Amidst the chaos and get better at being where our feet are. Let's 📍 do this. All right. We're going to just jump right in here with a post game analysis from last week's workout and challenge last time. We sat down with our beloved friend, Tony Overbay from the virtual couch podcast. Wasn't that just a great episode. He is such a delightful wealth of knowledge. And if you missed out on that episode, you're definitely gonna want to go back and give it a listen. Tony shared with us two pro tips to apply last week, the first was to do a mindful exercise. And how he instructed us to do that was to breathe in through the nose, count to one and breathe out through the mouth, count to two and continue increasing the numbers on each breath, in and out and see how high you can get to. The second thing he shared was when you're experiencing difficult emotions to step into observer mode. So, how did it go? How many seconds did you get to on the mindful exercise? I got up to 11 and that was pretty challenging, but it was really good and such a great mindfulness exercise. To have on hand. In terms of the second pro tip about stepping into observer mode. I was able to do this actually twice last week. And took note of my emotions rather than letting them control me. And I think I mentioned that Adria started culinary school this week to become a professional pastry chef. Which has already paid dividends as she brought home, lots of delectable treats. But that basically meant that I was left with juggling parenthood on my own for the last five hours of the day, three days this week. And so. That gave me a lot of opportunities to develop some patients with myself. And with my kids. And so I was able to, in these moments of frustration where I normally think I would have just given into my emotions. I was able to step back and just observe the situation. And honestly, I was able to find a lot of humor in the situation, which really helps me just not take the situation seriously and be in control of my emotions and that shift from. Reactionary to observer is so powerful. So I'm grateful that Tony shared that with us. What a great skill to develop to boost your happiness game. Thank you, Tony. All right, huddle up, everybody. Let coach Neil whisper in your ear. Actually, I'm not going to whisper because I'm really excited. Our monthly listened numbers are holding strong and we are so grateful to everyone who is engaging, applying, and sharing the goodness. We're not even. Two thirds of the way through the month, I guess actually we are as of today, but we've already had, this is now our second best month ever behind December, which is exciting. And we still got some time left. So keep sharing, keep taking note, keep applying the plays of the week and the prototypes that is obviously the most important thing. And of course, if you haven't contributed your voice to the library of online reviews, please consider doing that because that helps us a lot. And as long as we're huddled up here, I also just wanted to share an awesome reviews. Speaking of reviews, from. And I'm going to totally butcher this doctor Ahmed. Do. I'm a doings, I guess is how I would say that. This individual, however you say that name. I said my middle school classes have started listening to the boot camp episodes. They caught onto your message about paradigms. These play three scholars are benefiting as they listen and they are writing down reflections about what they learned. This is so exciting because we now have a teacher who is sharing these principles with youth at a very pivotal stage of their lives. And that is so exciting and worth celebrating. Thank you so much for the review for sharing the wealth with your students. And forgetting the. Team happiness roster filled up your amazing. All right, team happiness. Let's get into the practice. Now, I don't know about you, but I have felt so much distraction and so much anxiety and depression. And I think with how many people have been getting sick. I know so many people that have. Got COVID 19, just in the last two weeks. And I think a lot of people are really struggling to stay present. And so I wanted to just hop on here and go through a few points on being present and remind ourselves how important it is in those moments of stress to do that. Our lives. The truth is, are filled with distractions that keep us from being present. And the list of distractions just keeps getting longer. The more we involve technology in our lives. The more zoom school and zoom meetings we take, we are just marinating in distraction constantly. Now there's not always a good way around that, but it's worth noting that if you're feeling a little more distracted, There's a good reason for that. We are just going all in on technology and this is just a personal opinion, but all of this talk of the metaverse of course, it's exciting. Of course, there's going to be lots of opportunities, but I. I personally get really concerned with that. And spending so much time detached from reality. In a virtual space. And granted, there are ways to artificially connect in an environment like that, but I just can't help thinking of this concept of distraction and being present and how that just seems to be such a step in the wrong direction. And again, that's just my opinion that doesn't reflect you. At a principled level what we share here, but I think us. Just stepping back and realizing how much distraction we have in our environment is worth noting. The other thing is we're so busy that we often don't take the time to enjoy the moment. So we have all this distraction. But then we get so busy And busy-ness is such a double edged sword, because if we're not careful in our pursuit to achieve things and to get things done, We start to just fill our schedule with tasks that are just busy work and being busy doesn't mean you're being productive. This is something I've had to learn. And especially this last year, when I was on this journey of alignment and purpose, I found that I was doing so much stuff. But at its core, I noticed that 50% of the things and the projects I was involved with were not aligned with where I ultimately wanted to go. So I had to make some hard decisions. I had to tell some people that I was no longer going to be able to support them on some projects and have some tough conversations. But when I got rid of so many of these things that were not aligned with my purpose and where I wanted to go. It helped me be present with what was actually important. Being present can help us appreciate the things in our life so much more. And when we're distracted and we're so busy. We stop appreciating these precious moments. And again, I as a father, it's so easy for me to use this example, but when I am with my children, I miss out on so many precious moments. If I am distracted and preoccupied with all the busy-ness of my life. Okay. So anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge Jason Mariah's fan Adria, and I both are. We love him. We got to go see him live in concert. And it wasn't just a concert for us. Okay. And I'm not trying to be dramatic here, but it was like this spiritual experience. I don't view him as a musician. I view him as like a Sage or a philosopher because his music, which is really good, very catchy. Musically. Incredibly talented, but it's the meaning behind his music. It's the way he can take a message and beautifully package it with these deep, meaningful principles, and then share them with the world. I admire him and respect him. So much, but I wanted to share a song that I heard. It just came out last year from him. And it's called be where your feet are. And it just ties in everything that we're discussing today. So I wanted to just play this clip from you and I guarantee it will be stuck in your head for at least two hours, but maybe longer than that, here we 📍 go. Oh, isn't that so good and catchy. I love that song. I love so much of his music. My favorite album by him for the record is yes. I think it's his most underappreciated album or. Underrated album. But the lyrics here are so good. He says every time I think I'm stuck, the sun moves along and my shadow gets up. If you're lost, relax and be where your feet are. Are you feeling lost? Maybe you're not feeling lost in this moment, but there are times where you do feel directionless or you question what you're doing and you just feel all that stress and anxiety come in. And it's so powerful because what Jason Moran is teaching us here is the power of being present. Being where your feet are, and I encourage you to be where your feet are. And one of the most powerful ways to do that. Is to. Remove distraction. So for this play of the week, I want you to eliminate one of the biggest distractions we have. Especially those with smartphones and that is the social media, my invitation. To you that I guarantee will help you be where your feet are and be more present and appreciate these precious moments of life is to delete the social media apps from your phone. I'm not telling you to get off social media completely. I'm just encouraging you to delete the social media apps from your phone for one week. And I know. That this is going to help you. Be more intentional about the time you're spending on social media. Because when it's not there, you have muscle memory. I guarantee it. If you get a text message, you pull your phone out, you check the texts and you immediately, what do you do? You immediately go and check your email and your social media, right? It's just programmed. And when those apps are not there, It's going to help you think twice it's going to increase the friction just enough for you to be in control or at least more in control. So that is our play of the week. I know it's going to be an awesome way for you to be where your feet are. And if you want to go the extra smile, I'm going to reiterate Tony over bays pro tip from last week and encourage you to try the mindfulness exercise. He gave us where you count. To one breathing in. Count to two breathing out. Count to three breathing in. Counts of four breathing out and see how high you can go. There's the extra smile for the week. 📍 All right. So the next time you feel like your mental health is slipping, you're feeling that anxiety and depression, obviously you need to make sure you're taking care of that and you have long-term solutions in place and getting professional help. But be where your feet are. If your relationships are struggling, take a step back and look at how much distraction is in your life. Start by eliminating one source of distraction at a time and see if being more present makes a difference. And finally be where your feet are. Don't let yourself get lost in another screen when there is so much to discover in the world around you. I'm so excited to hear how your. Fast from social media for one week goes and how it impacts your life. Please let us know. Next week, we are going to do a deep dive into performance under pressure, and what to do when you start panicking in public, you won't want to miss it. As always remember that happiness is a skill and life is a team sport and we are so glad you're on the team catching next week.

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