I just returned from a 2 week trip to hike in the Dolomite mountains of Italy. For part of our travel we rented a car.  Even though they drive on the same side of the road as here in the USA, driving in Europe can be stressful not knowing what some of the road signs are saying and not understanding all of the symbols. While driving I had an amazing epiphany that I’m really excited to share with you. So buckle up as I share some stories and insights on how letting go and playing can make all the difference when things don’t go as planned.

Play of the Week: The next time you’re feeling challenged or frustrated let it go and be playful about it remembering that you can “go around again.” 

Right now someone is in agony. So how can we be happy? Navigating life on this big spinning orb can be tricky. Using the PLAY THEORY principles can help us sort out some tough things, like how to help others who are suffering by being present with our needs so we are in a better position to help others. Remember on a plane when those oxygen masks drop, we need to put on our own first before assisting others.

Play of the Week: Let's Be Present and really look at how we can lessen other's suffering by being better at self care so that we can be in a better position to care for others who are in our sphere of influence. For moms that may look like getting enough sleep so you can have more patience with that rascally four year old who needs so much of your attention during this time of development. For teenagers, maybe that’s taking a hard look at what you’re choosing to eat regularly. Be present with your choices and notice if you can make more nutritious ones that will help you feel better emotionally and physically so you can be better equipped to Look Outward and support others around you.  

The berries are ripe on the vine and the freezer is full of popsicles. I love the feel of hot pavement under my feet and the cool splash of hose water pouring over my toes. I love the long evenings and refreshing mornings. Summer brings changes, growth in the garden, advancements in school grades, and scheduling juxtapositions that bounce between lazy afternoons and weeks crammed with camps and family travel adventures. My summer brought a big change I'll share more about in this episode where I talk about how PLAY THEORY can make all the difference.

Play of the Week: When you’re feeling some tension or frustration try applying one of the PLAY THEORY principles and see if it can help you feel greater peace and harmony. 

Sometimes inspiration comes as a hopeful invitation leading to desired outcomes. And other times it comes as a warning of what not to do in order to avoid an undesirable outcome. This episode has turned into more of the latter. Looking Outward is essential if you want to feel connection, community and purpose. Not seeing other's service and needs can lead to hopelessness and discouragement. We could all do better at seeing others.

Play of the Week: Take a hard look at where you are being ungrateful and not acknowledging another’s service and sacrifice on your behalf. Then do something: say words, write a message, take action to right a wrong.

Is there anything in your life you want to stop doing? For me in Pickleball it’s missing put away shots that I keep putting into the net instead of past my opponents. Maybe it’s stopping eating junk food or stopping being sarcastic or dismissive when you talk to your parents, spouse or siblings. In this epsisode I’ll be sharing why stopping doing these things just won’t work. But stick with me, I won’t leave you without hope.

Play of the Week: Stop trying to stop it. What ever it is that you don’t want to keep doing. Instead- accept that there’s a reason or need behind whatever that negative choice is that you keep making and then build a better way to meet that need. 

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How have the PLAY THEORY principles helped the NBA superstar, Giannis Antetokounmpo, develop into the MVP player that he is today? Today we talk about Giannis' early life, his rise to fame and his ability to Let Go and Play in the NBA and in life. There are some inspiring life lessons form this amazing young man's journey to success.

Play of the Week: Remember to be grateful that you are still in the game and able to PLAY- even if you’re losing. Maybe it’s missing a line in a scene you’ve worked hard on. Maybe it’s not getting the grade you hoped for on a test. Maybe it’s not connecting with that friend group you thought would be fun to hang out with. Whatever your dissappointment, take a step back and remember that you’re still in the game, you’re living your life! And that is a big deal. So smile and enjoy the opportunity to be here. Doing so will help you stay motivated to do the needed work to achieve your goals and ultimately bring the success you’re looking for. 

GIANNIS: The Improbable Rise of an NBA MVP



Researchers have found that 95% of those polled think they’re self aware but when tested only 10-15% actually are. And that's tricky cause it’s hard to change something that you don’t think needs fixing. Improving our self awareness is worth it though because when we do, we are more in tune with our feelings, thoughts, and actions. Self awareness also helps us identify our strengths and challenges and recognize how other people see us. Without it, we can’t see ourselves clearly and therefore we can’t make make improvements. The key to developing self awareness is finding the method that works for us combined with consistent practice.

Play of the Week: Establish a regular practice of self awareness. This could be focused breath work, yoga, journaling, meditation or spending a few minutes in nature observing the sounds, smells and tactile sensations you are experiencing. Take a few minutes RIGHT now and pick something you will do regularly to strengthen your awareness.

It’s May 4th and for STAR WARS fans that means "May the fourth be with you!" Given, it’s just a multimillion, let’s call it billion dollar movie franchise that not everybody cares about. I however have been changed in profound ways by the characters and storyline of this beloved epic. So I’m gonna roll with it and talk about how the principles of PLAY THEORY helped shape these iconic stories into the cultural touch point they are today. 

Play of the Week: If you haven’t watched STAR WARS; A New Hope GO WATCH IT! You won’t regret it. It’s a classic for a reason. AND be on the look out for other examples of effective collaborative creation in your home, your friendships, your school, your workplace, in our greater community and culture. 


Maybe in life we’re all like waterskiers; some are in the proverbial boat with friends watching the action, some are driving the boat and offering support and suggestions for success. And some of us are in the water. And just like being in the water- some things in life are harder for some than for others. We can at times feel sunk by overwhelming pressures and burdens. There are addictions, relationship struggles, loneliness and health challenges. They can be so deep below the surface that no one else sees the struggles and pressures and others have no idea we are dealing with that makes trying to get up so hard.

That's why Looking Outward is so important. We can't see what's below the surface.

Play of the Week: Imagine every person you see this week facing a struggle to get up out of the water and rise up above the forces trying to keep them down. If there’s someone you know who is struggling, Look Outward and offer support. Maybe it’s checking in with "How ya doing?" Maybe you can offer a hug? Maybe it’s a quick word of encouragement or validation. I promise, there is someone you know that needs this from you. 

Have you ever tried to erase that part of yourself that you perceive as unattractive or unacceptable. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna be anyone’s joy kill when it comes to improving our self image with a new outfit, a workout routine or even some plastic surgery. To each his or her own. I am gonna throw down though and say that there is an elusive fine line between dissatisfaction with our perceived flaws and going past what is a healthy self image. In this episode we're talking about this happiness power play of Self Acceptance which can benefit you and those around you.

Here’s a definition of Self Acceptance that I like. "Self Acceptance is the ability to see oneself as a whole person with virtues and flaws.”

Play of the Week: Get out your phone and add an event or note, or use that old fashioned paper and pen, however you want to do it, and then answer these questions. Remember that you are a multifaceted developing, growing human with strengths and flaws.

I excel at...

I need to work on...

Something I like about me is...

Others have told me that I am good at...


16 Self-Acceptance Exercises & Activities for Adults

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