Stop the ride! I want off!

November 2, 2022
LaRee Florence

When we’re feeling something awful it’s natural to want to escape and try to buffer from uncomfortable feelings. Some people escape into mind numbing social media or screen time. Some people drink alcohol that can numb negative feelings and increase feelings of well being. Others may turn to drug use, illegal or medically prescribed medications. Are there less harmful ways to deal with negative emotions and the strain of being somewhere we really don't want to be?

Play of the Week: Sometime this week you’ll face a disappointment or loss. When you find yourself trying to escape your current life experience by buffering with food, alcohol, social media, TV or other distractions, ask yourself if there's a positive way you can buffer from this pain? Also ask if you would be better served by being fully present with the pain at this time rather than running from it? Is there something you can can learn from this discomfort?.

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