Don't Be a Goldfish, Get a Drishti

May 25, 2022
LaRee Florence

In this episode we’re focusing on the PLAY THEORY principle, Be Present and the power of focus. Another word for focus is attention. The longer our attention span the greater our ability to focus. So who do you think has a longer attention span, us or goldfish? Listen to find out. We also cover why our attention matters and share some ideas on how to strengthen our ability to focus on something we are actively choosing instead of being pulled into the mindless world of scrolling social media.

Play of the Week: Choose your Drishti, something you will focus on each day. Maybe it’s an affirmation, or a specific goal. Every day this week - set a reminder or choose a time each day that you’re gonna check in and identify what you’re focusing on. If it’s not something that’s important to you, then redirect your attention and apply the power of Drishti. 

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