Don't Try Be The Smartest Person In The Room, Changing Culture With Erik Eckern

May 14, 2021

Today we I sit down with my dear friend Erik Eckern to discuss Play Theory in high pressure situations, navigating toxic culture, and how to build relationships. Erik is currently the director of marketing analytics with a team of 9 where they work with clients to improve their ad campaigns and marketing. Erik has taken the principles of play theory and applied them on his team and pushes his colleagues and direct reports to establish relationships with clients, collaborate with other groups at the office, and incorporate Play Theory principles into their daily interactions and motivations. He has 3 kids and has been married for 10 years to his beautiful wife.


This Week’s PRO TIP is: Be bold and courageous in applying Play Theory in social settings. Start small by being present and not multitasking during meetings, then level up by asking sincere follow up questions to those you are serving.

Come join the conversation and play with us!


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Remember that Life is a team sport, so let's play together!

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