Got Kigatsuku?

May 4, 2022
LaRee Florence

In this episode we learn about Kigatsuku (Key gots cuh) a Japanese word meaning “an inner spirit to act without being told what to do. The ability to focus is at the root of this principle cause that’s where it all starts. If we don’t even notice the trash on the trail or the dirty dish in the sink, we’ll never have the thought to clean it up.  If we don’t practice focus, the never-ending distractions that we face will blind us to the opportunities we have all around us to Look Outward and practice Kigatsuku. 

Play of the Week: Recover consciousness, come to oneself, become aware. Once we can do this then we can recognize others’ needs. As you do so, find a way to do more than you have previously to lighten a burden you notice another is shouldering. 

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Danish Company Creates Children’s Book to Make Ukrainian Refugees Feel at Home

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