How To Be Brave And Share Your Light Even When You’re Surrounded By Toxicity With Joe Anglesey

June 8, 2021

On today's show I sit down with Joe Anglesey and he's awesome. He's got a lot going on, he's got a YouTube channel (link below) that you should check out. We take a deep dive into some concepts that we've not gone into before on the show and I'm really excited for you to understand and learn more bout a unique angle of look outward!

This is a really fun episode because we took turns interviewing each other. And so what you'll listen to today is me interviewing him, and then we're actually going to release a bonus episode where he interviews me and I'm very excited, to kind of be getting interviewed for a change. And we dive into some really fun elements there as well.


This Week’s PRO TIP is: Share your light filled message knowing that you cannot please everyone. Focus on those who you are serving.

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