Improve Your Life With Awareness

July 16, 2021

Awareness is one of the most subtle yet powerful ways for us to take control of our lives and practice happiness! Join me as we dive into the depths of awareness and how you can leverage it to have better confidence, connection, and communication.



Option 1: Listen to a mindfulness practice that we're going to release as a bonus episode. Or you can go back and listen to this one. 

Option 2: Make note and journal your thoughts and that inner narrative. When you make a mistake. When you go through something hard, what are you telling yourself? How are you treating yourself in your mind? And just take note of that. It doesn't have to be right or wrong. You don't have to label it, but just take note of it and then ask yourself if there's any tweaks that you want to make to that inner narrative and that inner voice. 

Come join the conversation and play with us!


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Remember that Life is a team sport, so let's play together!

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