Is Happiness a Choice?

September 26, 2020
LaRee Florence

Today we explore the crown jewel of Play Theory, Look Outward. This principle is a powerful lens we can use to see the world more positively. We also ask if it's enough to simply decide to see things differently? Is happiness a skill that can be DEVELOPED just like Pickleball and playing the violin. Tune in and enjoy this volley of info where we explore the difference between a negative mood and a chemical depression and talk about the power that comes from thinking of others. We are reminded that as we practice looking outwards and seeing others' needs we can be a positive force for good for in their lives and our own.

This Week’s PRO TIP: We’re going to start RIGHT NOW. I want you to take 20 seconds to think of a few people you haven’t connected with in a long time. Now, I want you to pick ONE name from the list and send them the following text that simply says: “Was just thinking of you and hoping that you’re having a magical day.” That’s it. I guarantee that this simple text will absolutely make this person’s day! 

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