Make You Dreams Come True

January 5, 2023
LaRee Florence

How do we make our dreams come true? What if I said that’s a trick question? You see we are constantly bringing what we’re dreaming about, or in other words focusing on and desiring, into reality.  When I desire to binge the next K-Drama on Netflix more than I desire to write curriculum or edit a script, that’s my current dream and guess what, I can easily make that dream come true. The real question we need to ask ourselves isn’t how do I make my dreams come true. The question we should be asking is what's my real dream? Because... Dreams really do come true. So be careful what you wish for.

Play of the Week: Be more present with your desires. The next time you reach for the remote instead of your homework or the draft of your novel be present, take a deep breath, calm your mind, look outward towards what your real, deep down desires and then ask yourself “Is this what I truly want?”

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