Overcoming Eating disorders with Ryann Bailey Wawro (Part 1)

May 11, 2022
LaRee Florence

This convo with Ryann Bailey Wawro about creativity, crossing into adulthood from adolescence and her journey with eating disorders is not to be missed. We reminisce about some choice memories and address the elephant in the room, Ryann's battle with food and how Play Theory was one axis in her recovery. Ryann is an accomplished professional illustrator and concept artist (with a BFA in Animation from Brigham Young University). You can find more of Ryann's work on her professional Instagram @ryanncanvas. Read more on Ryann's experience with eating disorders on her Personal Instagram @Ryannwawro.

Play of the Week: Consider how Play Theory can help you or someone you know that is struggling with eating disorders.

Highlight Reel: 12 year Old Raises $325,000 for Ukrainian Kids

Books Ryann recommends:

More Than a Body by Lexie Kite and Lindsay Kite

Goodbye Ed, Hello Me byJenni Schaefer

Life Without Ed, by Jenni Schaefer

Tickets to see Ryann as Tinkerbell in Wendy and Peter Pan: Show Dates May 11-25, 2022 Orem, UT

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