PLAY THEORY in Collaboration and Design with Truman Florence

August 22, 2020

On today's show I sit down with Truman Florence and dive deep into the mechanics of design and collaboration as well as humility and how it benefits relationships.

A little on Truman:

  • Truman is a Creative superhero…
    • His current role is Art Director at BYU’s prestigious AdLab where he works collaboratively to develop campaigns for big names like UnderArmor, Nike, and other big names you would know but I can’t share
    • But he’s been flexing his creative muscles for years now as a graphic designer, photographer, and videographer.
    • A recovering thespian with an occasional relapse
    • visit to see his work

THANK YOU for all those 5-star reviews!!! KEEP THESE AWESOME REVIEWS COMING! If you feel that this podcast has benefited your life, I hope you’ll consider sharing it with your friends and spreading the light!

  • Starcyl said: “These principles have helped me in SO many ways. What an uplifting positive Podcast! Highly Recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (16 exclamation points)
  • Sophia Jensen said: “I am beyond pumped for this podcast! I listened to the first episode and I can not wait for all the other episodes already!! Play theory can change your life - it’s changed mine and I’m looking forward to it changing my life even more!”
  • JHDickamore Said: “THREE CHEERS for a Play Theory podcast! This is exactly what we’ve been hoping for—a way to dig deeper and refresh on the principles that help us live our best life! Thank you for making it happen!”

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This Week’s PRO TIP from Truman is:  Practice asking "What is needed?" until it becomes second nature to you. This will help you Look Outward and be a better team player in any setting.

Remember that Life is a team sport, so let's play together!

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3 comments on “PLAY THEORY in Collaboration and Design with Truman Florence”

  1. I have absolutely experienced the difference of working in a trustworthy group and working in an "unsafe" group for sharing ideas. I know that when we foster a safe environment, we all succeed together.

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