Spread Happiness During Challenging Times With Sandee Clark

March 12, 2022

Today is such a special episode and you get to hear from our team, captain, LaRee Florence, and one of our major MVPs, Sandee Clark. Sandee is a powerhouse in so many ways and you're going to get to know her a little better because she and LaRee sit down and chat through some major accept and build as she shares some stories from her personal life about overcoming hardship, parenting in unique circumstances, how to help your children thrive, and how to help people feel heard and validated who are going through really hard things. This episode is jam packed with amazing nuggets and I am SO excited for you to get to know my friend, Sandee.

Play of the Week: When you really aren't planning on starting a conversation instead of greeting someone with the token "How are you?" say something like "It's so great to see you this morning" or share a sincere compliment about them.

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