For Happier Holidays 4 Tips

December 22, 2022
LaRee Florence

Full disclosure, this is a repost of an episode from last year. Some things bear repeating and these 4 timeless ideas continue to be helpful when put into practice. So make the most of your Holiday season and keep practicing Play Theory!

  1. Your presence is the real present
  2. Accept and build on the intent behind the gift, even if it's tube socks
  3. Let Go of expectations and strings attached to gifts
  4. Look Outward and validate others' experiences and be a generous receiver as well as giver

Play of the Week: Don't let your happiness practice slide just cause it's the holidays. Keep up for intentional focus on Being Present, Letting Go and Playing when things don't go your way, Accepting and Building even if that means you validate the gift giver despite hating the gift and finally Looking Outward and asking where and how you can lift and serve others during the holidays.

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