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Welcome to a very special episode of the happiness playbook. Today I have the one, and only Adeline Florence here to discuss how Play Theory can enhance your relationship with your roommates or other people you live with. We chat about how we can apply play theory to not only getting along together with people you're living in the same house with, but to really flourish and have deep connection with those that you live with. So really excited.

If you are going to college, or you have roommates in any capacity, you're going to want to tune in. If you know, people that are in that situation, we are going to discuss some very concrete tools here to just make those environments and those relationships flourish. So. Very excited. Adeline. Thank you for joining today.

Let's dive in.    

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Find ways to Look Outward for your friends and loved ones (whether they are still here on earth or not!). 

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