On today's show we discuss the powerful principle of Let Go & Play. We dive into what it takes to let go and play, leave your ego at the door and be humble which ups the fun and helps us live life to its fullest. This means leaving your comfort zone and taking chances. Play is perfect for this as it lowers the stakes in any given situation allowing for greater risk taking which is why it is a powerful tool for learning. When we accept that mistakes are opportunities to learn we can be empowered by our past choices. We become teachable and open to new ways of thinking that improve our life experience.

For our PRO TIP this week...we’re giving you some homework. Pick an activity that YOU’VE NEVER DONE BEFORE and try it out. If you’re struggling to think of one, go find a dance instructional video. You could look up clogging or the shuffle step on Youtube. Maybe it’s the waltz. Try it out and notice what you tell yourself as you will inevitably make mistakes while learning these new steps. Can you forgive yourself and accept that mistakes are a necessary part of going somewhere you haven’t been yet? Remember it’s feedback

Remember that Life is a team sport, so join the conversation and let's play together!

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