In this episode we're talking about a happiness power play that can lift you out of depression and alleviate the suffocating force of grief if only long enough to catch your breath for another deep dive into the abyss of despair. Such gasps of air are life saving if you’re in the throes of a devastating loss or disappointment. Even if you’re not facing a terrible loss you do not want to miss this happiness power play that is key to elevating your mood and helping you find long term mental and physical well being.

Play of the Week: Let's get some bliss in your life. When something sparks your happy, be it a puppy, a small rodent’s ticklish whiskers or seeing a patch of blue sky after days of rain, LEAN IN WITH ENTHUSIASM and love it!  Cherish the happy thought and treasure the idea or moment that brings a smile to your face. Let go and play with this spark of happiness and fan it into flames of joy by flexing your emotions into a feeling of intense gratitude and bright happiness. Then take a deep breath, savor the feeling and bask in the bliss you’ve just created. 

The Art of Bliss

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