Did you know there’s one thing that EVERYONE can do to improve their overall well being and increase their longevity? Have you heard the term breath work? Don’t let the name discourage you cause it’s not hard to do. And the rewards more than make up for any effort. Our ability to control out breath is unique when compared to all the other systems in our bodies. When we do breath work we are consciously able to affect our bodies, and therefore our feelings and well being on a subconscious level. And this has some wonderful benefits.

Play of the Week: The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, angry, triggered, or have trouble sleeping do some breathe work to bring you back to the present and help calm that sympathetic fight or fight energy. When you’re feeling distracted, or you find yourself focused on something in the past or the future instead of being in the current moment, square your shoulders and take a deep long breath, following it all the way to the tips of your lungs, then just sit with it for a moment or two. As the need to inhale grows try to identify the exact moment your lungs switch form holding the air in to letting it go out and then as you breath in, find the moment that the lungs stop exhaling and start to draw air in. After a few minutes of this focus, as you return to your regular activity notice the increased awareness and peace that you feel. 

Wimhof Breathing Method

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