Feel less stress and more connection during the holidays. If you’re listening in real time it's Thanksgiving week. That means lots of food, family and expectations. And we all know what happens when our expectations aren't met. We're disappointed, frustrated and discouraged. So how do we navigate a season with so many expectations riding on so many factors out our control? If the expectations and demands of the holiday season stress you out, listen in as we share the greatest predictor of happiness, especially during the holidays. Surprise, surprise, this idea of social support is all about the PLAY THEORY principle, Look Outward.

Play of the Week: For the big holiday event, Look outward and find someone you can support or help out.  Then each day this week. share an uplifting, validating message or a note of gratitude with some one you know. If you keep it up for 3 weeks you’ll see long term shifts towards improved optimism. Yes the holidays can be stressful, and they’re also a great time of year to improve our over all feeling of well being and connection to offset the stress brought on by the increased demands on our time and resources.


How long has it been since you’ve indulged in some good old time playing with play dough?  Remember the wonderful squishy texture that is so pliant without being sticky? Rolling it out into snakes or just squishing it in your hands over and over was so soothing. Clay is an amazing medium. Our brain is a lot like clay. Our thoughts make imprints that can be erased and rerouted if we are earnest about wanting to make changes. This episode gives some helpful tips in how to transform a negative thought or habit into something more positive as we Let Go of the old and Play with a new idea.

Play of the Week: Here’s our play of the week. Identify an unwanted habit or thought. Maybe it’s not putting the lid back on the toothpaste. Maybe it’s not drinking enough water. Maybe it’s a nagging little almost imperceptible idea that you’ll always fail so why try. Next make a plan to do something instead of what you've been doing. With the toothpaste, plan to hold the lid in your hand until you’ve squozen the toothpaste out onto your tooth brush, then your brain will be better able to remember to put it back. If its drinking more water- make a plan to fill up a water bottle with the amount you want to drink in the day and take it with you. If it’s that negative thought you almost don’t notice but believe, decide on a counter affirmation that you start you day off with, repeating while you brush you hair in the morning. Then throughout the day when the negative thought trickles into your consciousness, repeat the positive affirmation. 



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