Have you ever played a game with someone who despite losing is still able to laugh and smile? This means they are at peace with themselves and aren’t defining their worth on circumstances that are out of their control. If we can’t manage to keep our cool when the stakes are low, how will we handle things that have really high stakes, like the loss of a job, a poor health diagnosis or an unfortunate accident?

Play of the Week: Laugh off an error, a mistake or a loss. If you’re losing the game, can you WIN the experience by focusing on a skill you're developing, or a relationship you’re enjoying. When it’s bad luck, let it go and if it’s a bonafide error on your part ask yourself, "What can I learn from this?"

Highlight Reel: Airline Captain Writes Sweet Note to Tooth Fairy For Girl on Plane

 An Easy Self Coaching Model to Help You Control Your Thoughts

Jody Moore, Better Than Happy Podcast

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