Wanna learn more about your super power? Listen up. Science has proven that just by thinking we can cure stress-related insomnia, and lessen the side effects of cancer treatment, like fatigue and nausea. The many faith practices and wisdom traditions that focus on the power of our belief have tapped into this superpower. There are limits and we can’t control everything, but there is a lot more within our control than we may realize.

Play of the Week: Be present and seek out that deeply buried thought that you’re harboring as a truth instead of what it is, a possibility or a belief. When you’ve found it, sit with it for awhile and peel back what isn’t true. Invest some time being present with your thoughts and see if you can find the origins of any falsehoods you're accepting as truths.

Power of the Placebo Effect by Harvard Health

How the Placebo Effect Really Works

Teachers' Opinions About Students' Capability Influences Outcomes

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