Pain is a very real part of our lives. It’s unavoidable. It's even essential for our well being. But what about suffering?  All suffering is pain without acceptance. This is where the PLAY THEORY principle, Accept and Build, comes in. We all experience pain. When we refuse to accept it and instead resist it, is when we suffer. In this episode we consider how the PLAY THEORY principles can help.

Play of the Week:  Instead of resisting pain, the next time you're feeling it, accept that you’re feeling it without anticipating or hanging onto it. After accepting that you’re feeling pain build on the situation by asking what you can learn from it and be curious if there’s any purpose to it. Then move on. If it’s a long term pain, find a distraction or something that you can do instead of focusing all your attention on your discomfort. 

Highlight Reel: Chronic Pain Treatment Article

Brian Regan on Doctors and Pain versus Pressure

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