Maybe in life we’re all like waterskiers; some are in the proverbial boat with friends watching the action, some are driving the boat and offering support and suggestions for success. And some of us are in the water. And just like being in the water- some things in life are harder for some than for others. We can at times feel sunk by overwhelming pressures and burdens. There are addictions, relationship struggles, loneliness and health challenges. They can be so deep below the surface that no one else sees the struggles and pressures and others have no idea we are dealing with that makes trying to get up so hard.

That's why Looking Outward is so important. We can't see what's below the surface.

Play of the Week: Imagine every person you see this week facing a struggle to get up out of the water and rise up above the forces trying to keep them down. If there’s someone you know who is struggling, Look Outward and offer support. Maybe it’s checking in with "How ya doing?" Maybe you can offer a hug? Maybe it’s a quick word of encouragement or validation. I promise, there is someone you know that needs this from you. 

Have you ever tried to erase that part of yourself that you perceive as unattractive or unacceptable. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna be anyone’s joy kill when it comes to improving our self image with a new outfit, a workout routine or even some plastic surgery. To each his or her own. I am gonna throw down though and say that there is an elusive fine line between dissatisfaction with our perceived flaws and going past what is a healthy self image. In this episode we're talking about this happiness power play of Self Acceptance which can benefit you and those around you.

Here’s a definition of Self Acceptance that I like. "Self Acceptance is the ability to see oneself as a whole person with virtues and flaws.”

Play of the Week: Get out your phone and add an event or note, or use that old fashioned paper and pen, however you want to do it, and then answer these questions. Remember that you are a multifaceted developing, growing human with strengths and flaws.

I excel at...

I need to work on...

Something I like about me is...

Others have told me that I am good at...

16 Self-Acceptance Exercises & Activities for Adults

Today we let go and play, and chat about the relation between leaving your comfort zone and how that impacts your growth! You’ll even get to see me being bad at pickleball if you’re watching this on YouTube! Buckle up and said adios to the comfort zone because here we go!


This Week’s PRO TIP is: Promote safe failure and learning by lowering the stakes of failure with those around you.

Come join the conversation and play with us!


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Remember that Life is a team sport, so let's play together!

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In order to progress as humans, we must learn and develop skills. It’s a part of this whole journey we are on. When we were born, we knew nothing, we had no skills, and were entirely dependant on our parents. We had to learn to crawl, walk, and run and eventually do taxes, pay bills, fight parking tickets, do the laundry, wash the dishes, mow the lawn...Anyway! Growth and learning is a huge part of life. But we’ll only experience it if we are leaving our comfort zone and trying new things.

I made so many mistakes! But I committed to leaving my ego at the door and learning the sport. If you haven’t played pickle ball before, there are a lot of things going on...I mentioned a lot of the rules in a previous episode last year but playing myself and having to navigate the turns, the positions for each set which switch frequently, the number of bounces, the lines, and don’t even get me started on the kitchen. There is a lot of stuff going on!

Thankfully as I began, I had a very patient and skilled coach, the one and only LaRee Florence who is actually a FOUNDER of PLAY THEORY and produces the Happiness Playbook podcast. 

As I swung and missed, swung and hit too hard, swung and hit too soft, I began getting the hang of the rules, the right amount of pressure, and really enjoyed myself.

I learned how to juggle when I was a kid 

But after several days of diligent practice, I got the hang of it. It’s worth noting here that the more we lower the stakes, stay present with the task, and learn to enjoy the process, we will begin finding ourselves more open to letting go and playing.

Another key takeaway here is that leaving our comfort zone in the name of growth and learning and development is SO much easier when we have supportive people who are great at creating environments that promote that safe space for failure and learning to occur. This was my hot take right after playing pickle ball

Our pro tip for the week is to promote safe failure and learning by lowering the stakes of failure with those around you. You may not realize how critical or harsh you are being to loved ones even engaging in conversation. Lower the stakes by giving permission for fail;ure to happen. LaRee was great at this when teaching me pickle ball, she said, you’re going to mess up the serve and that’s ok, just imagine you’re trying to hit several balls in a can you lower the stakes and create an environment that is conducive to learning, growth, and risk taking?

We must take risks in this life. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. While it’s nice to have supportive people around creating a safe environment to take risks, you won’t always have that. This is a muscle that must be developed, and it SHOULD be developed. The only way to growth, productivity and ultimately happiness, is to let go and play, and fail forward to a better tomorrow.

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