If you’ve you ever thought you heard one thing but ended up being wrong you'll enjoy this episode. Communication can be tricky. Misunderstandings happen despite having more ways of communication available than ever in the history of the world. We all still see things from our own perspective which makes effective communication and understanding challenging. Saying "you're wrong" or “stop thinking that way” to someone you disagree with is the antithesis of looking outward and instead is a reflection of a selfish desire to control another person by demanding that they accept your perception and reject their own feelings and experience.

Play of the Week: When you're not understanding or seeing another person’s truth, try to imagine standing in their shoes, or to say it another way, try looking outward, beyond your own perception and accept what their perception is, even if you don’t agree with it.


Even if someone expects an apology from us we are not obligated to give one unless we feel inclined to do so. It would be egregious to accept the responsibility for all of the disappointment and heartache of others. We can though acknowledge other’s suffering without accepting responsibility for it. And when we are in error, we can thank others for their understanding and patience with us and we can Let Go & Play and say the words that allow us to do a reset and start again with greater understanding and awareness. Finally to mend relationships we need to Look Outward and attempt to make amends when we have been the cause, either knowingly or unwittingly of another's suffering.

Play of the Week: When someone in your circle of relationships is disappointed in your behavior, be it a conscious choice or something you had no control over, Let Go & Play and Look Outward and apologize using these steps.

  1. Acknowledge the other person’s suffering.
  2. Thank them for anything they did for you such as exercising patience or picking up the extra work. 
  3. Apologize with “I’m sorry” then add what you did to cause the other’s discomfort even if it’s out of your control.
  4. Offer to make amends to offset any discomfort or suffering you caused.

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This Week’s PRO TIP is: Focus on the PERSON you are needing to serve over the act of the service.

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