There will always be problems to focus on. We find happiness when instead of resenting them, we accept them and recognize them for what they are, opportunities for growth and development. There is no happiness without acceptance. And only when we accept and build on the circumstances we are in can we truly bloom where we're planted. 

Play of the Week: What life circumstance are you resisting or resenting? Maybe it’s a bad back, a gluten allergy, a barren back patio. Can you accept it and build upon it? Accept the problem AND be open to seeking long term solutions.

Highlight Reel: U.S. State Park Unveils New Trail Made of Illegally Dumped Tires

Games are created to have fun while pursuing a goal. Video games have set pathways to accomplish the game’s mission. There are rewards built in to keep us engaged. We can let go and play and apply these same tactics by turning tasks into quests, setting up rewards and creating stimulating experiences that keep us motivated and committed to achieving our desired goals. When we gamify our lives even the mundane can be a fun adventure.

Play of the Week: When you find yourself lacking motivation to take on a chore or task or follow a routine try gamifying it and turn it into a quest. Set up a system of accountability like a checklist or chart or you can keep track on an ap to record your progress. Identify a reward and have fun with it! Piggy back a dull task with something you enjoy like upbeat music or listening to a podcast.

Highlight Reel: Scottish Islanders Save Couples Wedding Across the Ocean After Nightmare Airport Saga of Lost Luggage

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