Tame Your Mind and Live Abundantly With Presence

October 20, 2020

Deep breathes, pink elephants, canyon hikes...we have a great show lined up for you today! Buckle up, because we are exploring Be Present!

Some mountain bikers talk about a phenomenon where whatever you look at while riding is where your tire is going to go. So if you notice a nail in the road and zero in on it it’s going to actually be HARDER to not ride over it. Now think about a cliff instead of a nail and you’ll wonder why people ride mountain bikes. Here’s the deal - this phenomenon can work in your favor too. You notice a nail in the road, then focus on the spot of pavement NEXT to the nail and you’ll clear it no problem. Riding on the infamous cliffside Portal Trail in Moab, Utah, riders have to focus on the trail and not the cliff in order to stick to the trail like a train on a rail. There’s another Mountain biking term called threading the needle. When faced with a technical challenge, a biker can thread the proverbial needle by keeping a sharp focus on the exact path before them, blocking out all other possibilities in their mind. 

This Week’s PRO TIP is: Voice mirror during conversations IN YOUR MIND. If you’re ever struggling to focus on someone you want to pay attention to try following along with their words in your head. It will help you stay present and increase your comprehension of what they are saying

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