Wanna Feel Better? Laugh More.

September 22, 2022
LaRee Florence

What if I told you there was a simple, FUN, enjoyable way you could reduce stress, boost your immunity, decrease pain, improve your connection to others, increase endorphins, improve your mood and enhance your sleep? Would you be interested?  Of course you are! Who wouldn’t want more of these powerful attributes that contribute to our overall well being. You’ve probably guessed what I’m talking about already…laughter. Be sure to check out our links to start enjoying the benefits of this wonderful activity right away.

Slipping on ice 1

Slipping on ice 2

Health Benefits of Laughter

Chugging soda water

Laughing Contagion

Laughing on a Subway

2 comments on “Wanna Feel Better? Laugh More.”

    1. Oh my! I have a new favorite funny guy!!! Thank you!!!Not only are they fun, he's sharing some great intetrpersonal skills in a fun way. LOVE IT!

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