When the Game Stops Being Fun

June 1, 2022
LaRee Florence

Has this ever happened to you? You’re enjoying an evening of cards with friends and someone gets unlucky one time too many and suddenly everyone is walking on eggshells cause they know that person is about to lose it. What do you do? How do you defuse the negative energy? How can you rise above it and still have fun inviting others to come along?

Play of the Week:  Think of a situation that often gets your blood boiling. Maybe its losing at a game, maybe it’s another person who rubs you the wrong way with their smugness. Image that same scenario and instead of reacting in anger, role play a reaction that’s calm. Try to celebrate their win with them and be happy that they got a turn to feel triumphant, remembering that we all don’t win every time. Come up with a phrase that helps you calm down or remember to celebrate. Something like, “Winning feels great, good for you.” Or “I really enjoyed playing with you, thanks for a great game.” It can even be something just for you like “I can’t win every time but I can have fun every time.”

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