You're Not a Plastic Bag

October 12, 2022
LaRee Florence

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? Maybe that's why Katy Perry's hit song, Firework, resonates with so many of us. Life can feel overwhelming, like nothing we do matters and frankly, leave us feeling hopeless. Just like in the song, hang in there for the chorus. Things will get better and you can make a difference in real ways as you Look Outward and do random acts of kindness.

Play of the Week: Look outward and send that text, validate another, encourage a stranger! Then go listen and sing along to Katy Perry's song, Firework, at full volume.

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One comment on “You're Not a Plastic Bag”

  1. Can’t thank you enough, LaRee, for your dedication to the Happiness Playbook! This episode dropped on a day I, too, had been traveling. On a crowded SWA flight, I chose to sit next to a mother with a two and a half year old and seven month old. What a delight to help her entertain her littles by talking to and smiling at them! As we disembarked and made the long journey to baggage claim, the two and a half year old and I played a game where he went on the moving walkways while I walked along side on the regular floor. He learned to get on and off the walkways with a little jump. It was so fun! The fireworks happened when it was time to part company and his mom asked if he would like to give me a hug goodbye! A regular pattern of connection helps us lift one another and lighten each other’s load—not like aimless plastic bags, but like lighthearted humans overcoming the drag of a sometimes burdensome world.

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