Shake It Off & Let It Go

March 2, 2023
LaRee Florence

Everybody has regrets- some are harmless while others can haunt us for the rest of our lives if we let them. In this episode I'll be sharing some of my regrets and hopefully helping you better manage yours by using the PLAY THEORY principle, Let Go and Play.

Play of the Week: Listen to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off. Turn it up and dance! Then when you feel yourself giving into your doubts, remember how it feels to Let it Go and Play and shake it off.


One comment on “Shake It Off & Let It Go”

  1. While listening to this episode, I reflected on that Monday, when I used all of the Play Theory Principles. This Monday I took my Driver's License Behind the Wheel Test. I was pretty nervous and practiced turning my head and stopping at stop signs for 3 seconds each time I was in the car driving. When the instructor got in the car, I decided I was going to Be Present and focus on the moment and not worry about any mistakes I might make. As I drove, I could hear him circling things on his clipboard and I started worrying that I was making all of the mistakes. I decided to let go and play that I could be making mistakes and I was going to keep driving. While driving, you need to accept and build a lot. When the light turns yellow, you need to accept that and build upon it by stepping on the brake or speeding up. At one point, we were at a traffic circle and the instructor started commenting on how the other drivers were not following "right of way" rules. They were not looking outward to see whose turn it was to go. When I finished the test, I was still a bit nervous but felt that I had done my best. The instructor turned to me and told me that I had gotten no marks, meaning 100%. I was so proud and grateful that I had gotten such an amazing score. I am even more grateful for Play Theory tho because if I had not used it, I would have been a stress case that would not have been pretty to see

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