How It All Began

June 22, 2022
LaRee Florence

Ever wonder how Play Theory got started? I sit down with Janna Hargadon and talk about the origins of Take Note Troupe, the theater program where Play Theory was conceived. Without Janna, Take Note Troupe nor Play Theory would exist. In our conversation we cover the impetus behind the creation of Play Theory and how the four principles evolved over time.

Play of the Week: In any organization or endeavor you're involved in follow Janna's example and Look Outward asking the question "What's needed?" Ask how you can add value to everyone's experience.

3 comments on “How It All Began”

  1. I sure enjoyed hearing about the history and development of TNT, and how Play Theory evolved over the years. Our family has been a great fan of both, and we enjoyed Shakespeare in the Park for many years, starting well before the oldest of my kids bravely ventured into the great unknown of a TNT audition, where she was so generously welcomed by a multitude of kids Looking Outward. All of our family been blessed and impressed ever since!

    1. TNT has been GREATLY blessed by your family's participation over the years. THANK YOU for taking the time to comment and share your experience : )

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