November 30, 2022
Offering Help to the Grieving

in this podcast we share some ideas on how to offer support and care for those experiencing a heartbreaking loss.

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November 23, 2022
Holiday Happiness Power Play

Feel less stress and more connection during the holidays. If you’re listening in real time it's Thanksgiving week. That means lots of food, family and expectations. And we all know what happens when our expectations aren't met. We're disappointed, frustrated and discouraged. So how do we navigate a season with so many expectations riding on […]

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November 17, 2022
Your Brain is Play Dough

How long has it been since you’ve indulged in some good old time playing with play dough?  Remember the wonderful squishy texture that is so pliant without being sticky? Rolling it out into snakes or just squishing it in your hands over and over was so soothing. Clay is an amazing medium. Our brain is […]

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November 11, 2022
See Kindness

What if instead of focusing on the negative aspects of our society we looked for the good?  One artist, Saira Siddiqui wants to help people see their world in a more positive light by inviting them to look for acts of kindness. Her Peace Dots Project invites others through out the world to track random […]

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November 2, 2022
Stop the ride! I want off!

When we’re feeling something awful it’s natural to want to escape and try to buffer from uncomfortable feelings. Some people escape into mind numbing social media or screen time. Some people drink alcohol that can numb negative feelings and increase feelings of well being. Others may turn to drug use, illegal or medically prescribed medications. […]

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October 26, 2022
Ghosts and Ghouls Are Good for You

Theres nothing like a stroll through a graveyard to remind us to stop wasting our time on things that lack real meaning in our lives. The light heartedness of Halloween helps us accept a heavy subject and can help us build the emotional strength needed to face our fears.  Play of the Week: If Halloween […]

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October 19, 2022
Does Happiness Elude You?

Who do you think is happier? Someone who was suddenly paralyzed in an accident or people who’d just won the lottery? Seems obvious right? You may be surprised to learn that according to a study by the University of Massachusetts, people who were paralyzed from an accident had more hopeful outlooks than people who’d won […]

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October 12, 2022
You're Not a Plastic Bag

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? Maybe that's why Katy Perry's hit song, Firework, resonates with so many of us. Life can feel overwhelming, like nothing we do matters and frankly, leave us feeling hopeless. Just like in the song, hang in there for the chorus. Things will get better and you can […]

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October 6, 2022
Yes! Anxiety is a Good Thing!

Here's part two of our discussion on anxiety and how accepting and building on our anxious feelings is the best way to manage those pesky negative emotions that are so common in today's social media saturated world. If you haven’t listened to Episode 103 do yourself a solid and wait to listen to this one […]

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September 28, 2022
Anxiety's a Good Thing?!

Today we’re talking about anxiety. If you haven’t experienced this challenging emotion or don’t know anyone else in your friend group or family then feel free to skip this and we’ll catch you on the next one. Otherwise stay tuned. You don’t want to miss this. I promise I’ll either royally tick you off or […]

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